Caroline Brogden

Caroline is a talented jeweller with a passion for all things coastal. In recent years her work has become more material-led in design, as she seeks ways to create more sustainable and ethical pieces. This search led to a collaboration with Jay Burnett, a custom surfboard shaper based in Edinburgh, and was the start of her passion for ‘Surfite’.

‘Surfite’ is a man-made lapidary material which is produced as a by-product during the process of ‘glassing’ surfboards. Excess resin pools off the boards and sets in layers which build up over months to create solid slabs of colour. These ‘slabs’ are formed over long periods of time and the colours are always random and unique. Surfite can also be produced during board repairs where surplus resin is swirled with spare colour and left to set in small pots. Normally all this waste resin is broken up and disposed of. Caroline recycles this unique material using adapted lapidary techniques to hand carve and shape the Surfite before forging and fitting precious metal elements. It is a time-consuming and labour intensive process, working with waste material, but Caroline is justifiably proud of her growing collection of contemporary Surfite jewellery.

Caroline preparing the Surfite
ever unique ‘Surfite’
medium lifebuoy pendant
Lifebuoy earrings, swirled
Spinner pendant, grey leather
Spinner pendant, swirled
Lighthouse earrings , striped
Lifebuoy studs, striped