Pascale Rentsch

Pascale is a Swiss born artist living in East Lothian. She draws and paints ‘en plein air’, outdoors on location, directly from nature in all weather conditions. Pascale works instinctively , following her feelings, capturing nature and the elements in a spontaneous way. For Pascale, it is really important to connect with her surroundings, exploring mark making in reaction to what she sees, hears and feels.

“To see a beautifully presented seaweed composition washed up at a beach and gently arranged by the rhythmic clash of the waves, moves me deeply. Nothing to be changed or added but to capture this intense beauty that nature has created on my piece of paper.”

Pascale on location
‘Looking North’
Mixed media on board
16.2×24.5cm, plus frame
‘By the Sea, Coastal Thistles’
Mixed media on Hanemuhle Bamboo watercolour paper
Framed size 49cm x 43cm
‘Blue Boat’
Watercolour and mixed media
21.5 x 29.5cm, plus frame

‘Scalpay Bay’
Mixed media on heavyweight watercolour paper
Size 38 x 56cm, plus frame
£1250 🔴
‘The Gorse Bush by the Sea’
Mixed media
28.5 x 18.5cm, plus frame.
‘In its Depth it has its Pearls’
Mixed media Canson Watercolour paper
57 x 76cm, plus frame
£1650 🔴

‘Colourful Rocks at Low Tide and flying Gannets’
Mixed media
77cm x 56cm, plus frame