Esther Cohen

Tantallon Studios, North Berwick

Esther specialises in producing highly individual hand painted ceramic tiles. From these she produces art prints using her ceramic designs.

I’m inspired by the infinitely changing skies along the coast near Edinburgh and East Lothian where I live and work.”

Using ceramic tiles and painting with coloured clay slip, the process of capturing the light and atmosphere of these immense skies is contrasted by working on a very small surface area of an unglazed, bisque tile.

My aim is to translate the feeling of an ever-changing sky into a series of works that show the different light, colour, atmospheres and moods created by the weather in Scotland.”

As an artist I’m constantly observing the changing quality of light and what it’s doing to the skyline and it creates a constant source of new and interesting material.”

She added: “People who buy my work think it’s very authentic to Scotland. They recognise the colours and moodiness of my skies. I also get commissions from people all over the world because it reminds them of home.”